[1/6/17] Lake Chelan Community Open Space Vision Underway

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The Lake Chelan Community Open Space Vision is underway. It will be a comprehensive
community-based vision for balancing strategic protection of open space and recreation with continued
local development. With the help of community members, this plan will help us make informed
decisions about protecting important resources, including open spaces, water quality, and recreational
Plan participants are working toward common goals using facilitated community meetings and state-ofthe-
art GIS mapping and modeling. There has been enthusiastic public engagement in the process thus
far. Over 520 people participated in a community survey earlier this fall, and nearly 120 students
responded to the same survey in November. In October, approximately 60 community members
attended a kick off meeting at City Hall. The goal of the Open Space Vision process is to create a winwin-
win between land uses that are often competing by bringing many as many voices as possible into
the conversation, employing the best technology available, and taking steps to ensure that
implementation is effective.
Community survey results showed enormous appreciation for the beauty of the Lake Chelan area and
concern for protecting water quality and expanding access to outdoor recreation. The word cloud below
shows responses to the question “What do you love most about the Lake Chelan area?”

Based on community input, the goals of the Open Space Vision are to:
1. Protect water quality
2. Promote community health through increasing access to trails, parks, and the lake
3. Protect wildlife habitat and natural lands
4. Preserve agriculture/working lands
If you are interested in learning more about this plan or would like to share your thoughts, the next
public meeting is January 26 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in City of Chelan Council Chambers.
Questions? Please contact Amy Morris at The Trust for Public Land (amy.morris@tpl.org); Karen
Sargeant from the City of Chelan (ksargeant@cityofchelan.us); or Guy Evans of the Lake Chelan Trails
Alliance (info@lakechelantrails.org).
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