[1/18/17] Dead Cougar Found In Lake Cannot Be Kept, According To Fish & Wildlife

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The beauty of KOZI’s 2nd Cup of Coffee Program is it’s basically uncensored- we never know for sure who is going to call- or what they are going to talk about.

That was the case Tuesday when we received a call from a longtime Chelan resident, who called after discovering a dead cougar in front of his waterfront home on Lords Acres..


Of course, along with not knowing who is going to call- we also have no idea who may be listening.

Yesterday, we found out that the Department of Fish and Wildlife was.

Here’s Sergeant Dan Clump…


Again that’s Sergeant Dan Clump with Department of Fish and Wildlife responding to a call during yesterday’s 2nd Cup of Coffee program regarding a cougar that was found dead in Lake Chelan.