[1/13/17] Coroner Releases Name Of Victim In Thursday’s Shooting

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Notifications of the victim’s family have been completed and the Chelan County Coroner has approved the release of the victim’s name. He has been identified as 21 year old Gustavo Maldonado-Salamanca.
Investigators have learned there were a variety of issues between defendant Longino Garibay and other residents in the apartment complex at the location of this incident. It is still unclear if the defendant and victim had previous conflicts with each other.
No eyewitnesses to the shooting have been identified at this time. Several interviews confirmed people heard one gunshot. Additional interviews are still underway with family members and other potential witnesses.
The victim was shot with a .380 ACP firearm. Search warrants were served at both the victim’s and defendant’s residences last night. Three handguns were recovered from the defendant’s residence during the search of his apartment, including a loaded .380 ACP caliber pistol.
This case remains under investigation. Further information will be released when possible.