[5/11/16] Commissioners Talk Fire Hazard Code

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 Chelan County Commissioners will spend time this week discussing the Fire Hazard Area Section of the code- ahead of the heart of the 2016 wildfire season.

A Fire Hazard Area, is designated as a high fire danger area and is split into 3 categories: Level 1, which means Area Restrictions, Level 2 means Travel Restrictions and Level 3 is Road Closures.

Chelan County Commissioner, Doug England says, those Fire Hazard Area classifications have caused some recent confusion…

There are several areas, England says, that see yearly road closures when conditions become such that pose a high risk for wildfire caused by recreational, residential, commercial, industrial and other activities…

The board of Chelan County commissioners designates the Chelan County public works department and other departments as necessary to post notices of and defining the restrictions and closures with a prominent sign at the points of restriction on county roads.

Anyone violating the restrictions shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and/or ninety days in jail.