[7/31/17] Diamond Creek Fire Estimated At 5,000 Acres- Bringing Smoke Into Chelan Valley

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The forecast calls for continued hot and dry weather with winds out of the northwest that will likely produce hazy and smokey conditions for the next few days.

[7/20/17] Firefighters Continue Patrolling Canyon Creek Fire Locations Of Smoke

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Puffs of smoke will likely be visible in the coming weeks and pockets of vegetation well within the fire perimeter are consumed.

[7/19/17] Canyon Creek Fire 100% Contained

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As has been stated previously, there will be smoke visible within the fire perimeter in the coming weeks.

[7/18/17] Fire Officials Expect 95% Containment On Canyon Creek Fire By Tonight

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To strengthen containment lines, firefighters are extinguishing heat within 300 feet of firelines around homes and within 75‐ 100 feet of the rest of the fire perimeter.

[7/18/17] Canyon Creek Fire Said To Be 75% Contained

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 The number of resources will be reduced today because of significant decrease in fire activity.