[3/1/17] Recent Wildfire Study: 84% Are Caused By Humans

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The most common day for human-started fire by far was July 4, with 7,762 total wildfires started on that day over the course of the 21-year period.

[2/3/17] President’s Hiring Freeze Slows Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest Seasonal Hiring

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Although the suspension of new employees to the Forest Service is certainly an inconvenience, Krake says the practice is not uncommon when there are changes in leadership.

[11/2/16] Methow Clean Air Project Offers Two More Free Yard Waste Drop Off Days

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Two remaining opportunities for you to drop off your yard waste for free are Thursday and Saturday.

[10/12/16] Is Climate Change To Blame For Recent Forest Fires?

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A report out today says acres burned in forest fires in the West have doubled since 1984 because of climate change.

[9/7/16] The Era Of Megafires Coming To Chelan Friday, Sept 9

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September 9 –  Chelan, WA – Performing Arts Center – hosted by Chelan Chamber of Commerce

[9/6/16] Manson Fire Awarded $131 Thousand Grant Funding

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SCBA equipment is used to supply firefighters with breathable air during an active fire.