[10/2/17] Mid-Lake Weather

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Winds.     Light Uplake (Southeasterly) 2–4 mph

[9/20/17] Chelan Goat Girls Soccer

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The second half, Chelan came out with more energy.

[8/29/17] Run with the Cops

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“I tip my hat to the officers who actually ran in their gun belts.  Mine tips the scales at 24….

[8/28/17] Liquor Suspension

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The liquor enforcement agents reported the woman was “swaying” while she walked with a beer in hand and leaned on the bar.

[8/2/17] Heat Advisory

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A heat advisory means that a period of hot temperatures is expected. Drink plenty of fluids…

[6/24/17] Police Blotter

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[5/19/17] Understanding Boating Under The Influence Ahead Of State-wide Emphasis

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It’s a real thing, and, for those planning to hit the water this summer, it’s an important law to understand.

[5/5/17] Chelan headed to Omak for an interesting Golf match…

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Chelan girls were the only school to field an entire girls team (467).  Medalist honors went to a hot-shooting….