[5/30/17] Memorial Day Recap Points To Mostly Civil Celebrating In Chelan

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We, here at KOZI, would like to say a hearty thank you to all first responders for keeping us safe over the Memorial Holiday weekend.

[5/29/17] A Postal Express Truck In Collision Loses Shipping Packages In Peshastin Creek

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If a package is located, please report its location to the Chelan Co. Sheriff’s Office at 509-663-9911

[5/26/17] Remembering A Life Saved On Lake Chelan And Those Who Saved Him

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Due to the efforts of Gary and Viki, he not only survived that near drowning- he’s doing quite well.

[5/22/17] Manson Resident Ends Up In Lake After Early Morning Accident

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She was treated at Lake Chelan Community Hospital for minor injuries, after being rescued by a near by resident via a rowboat.

[5/19/17] District Ranger Gives Latest Update On Holden

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Rio Tinto has scaled back the number of workers for this year’s efforts from over 200 to roughly 70.

[5/18/17] Chelan Habitat Announces Two Families Ahead Of Newest Builds

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The 2017 Lake Chelan Valley Habitat for Humanity Homes are expected to begin groundbreaking in the coming months.