[2/16/17] Grizzly Bear Reintroduction To North Cascades Open Houses Drawing Big Crowds

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An estimated 160 people attended Tuesday night’s Open House in Cashmere- and Methow Valley residents packed the Barn Wednesday in the third of eight scheduled Open Houses.

[2/16/17] State Launches Study On How Wolf Population Is Affecting Other Species

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Researchers will also examine the response to wolves by other predators, especially cougars.

[2/13/17] City Of Chelan Looking For Someone To Take Over Golf Course Concesssions

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The mayor says the concession is pretty basic, but someone with flair could possibly turn it into something much more.

[2/13/17] Don’t Forget To Vote – And Don’t Forget Your Valentine

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For your vote to count, ballots must be postmarked no later than tomorrow- Tuesday, February 14- or dropped into an authorized ballot return box.

[2/10/17] Ballots From Registered Voters In Manson School District Must Be Sent By Tuesday

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Call the District at 509-687-3140 for more information. Information is also available on the school’s website– that’s www.manson.org

[2/10/17] Heavy Snowfall, Mountain Passes And Avalanche Control

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During the pass closures, experts are trying to induce avalanches, by using one of two techniques.

[2/10/17] Chelan County Announces Curbside Recycling For Manson Businesses Will Stop

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Manson businesses can still take their recyclables to the nearby North Chelan Recycling Center