[7/19/18] Your input is valuable and appreciated: Strategic Plan

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The Board wants to hear the voices of those who care deeply about education. This is an opportunity to help shape the future of the K-12 system and impact its effort to improve outcomes for all students.

[6/21/18] Wildland Fire Academy

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Some 350 firefighters are in Deer Park, north of Spokane,  at the 3rd annual Wildland Fire Academy.

[6/11/18] Rotary Club’s First ever “Promise Scholarship”

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The Lake Chelan Rotary Club has created and awarded their first ever “Promise Scholarship” for freshmen.  

[6/8/18] Save a Life; Know the signs of Sucide

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“Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better.”

[5/31/18] Greg Goodnight Named As The Next Superintendent Of The Pateros School District

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Mr. Goodnight was chosen from an exemplary field of candidates and indicated that he is delighted to be joining the staff, students and Pateros community.