[1/9/17] 2 Cougars Killed After Attacking And Killing Cat And Dog In Methow Valley

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Two cougars were euthanized in the Methow Valley last week after two separate attacks that killed a family cat near Winthrop and a dog near Twisp- just a few weeks after another cougar was killed after it also attacked a family dog.

In the first incident, Fish & Wildlife Supervisor, Sergeant Dan Christenson, says a Twisp River area homeowner lost his Blue Healer, Duke, in a cougar attack…

010917 Methow Cougars 1 1:08 “…euthanized the cougar.”

The recent surge in cougar attacks, Christenson says, is likely due, in part, to the weather…

010917 Methow Cougars 2 :27 “…see that county wide.”

Christenson adds a few tips for anyone who encounters a cougar…

010917 Methow Cougars 3 :34 “…getting hurt to attack.”

Christenson encourages anyone who has an issue with a cougar- or any other wildlife, for that matter- to call state patrol dispatch at 509-422-3800.